Destination wedding photographer

Phan Tien


I am Tien, husband of Mi, father of the little boy Gaspard, I travel and photograph weddings.  We live our dream in Paris (soonly move to the south of France) and Vietnam. I take photos, Mi helps me to edit some of them, Gaspard plays with his cars and we dance together every 10 minutes. This is a picture of us when we are home.

I still can't imagine that one day I can live with my passion like today. I spent many years for my study (until a Phd), worked for many companies and still didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. But during that time, I met Mi, we started traveled and I started to photograph.

Photojournalism and storytelling are what I love in photography. I capture the moment that happens instantly on street when we travel. It's like I can capture the time (supernatural power).  Otherwise, I also love to listen the stories from people I met, about their daily life, their important events, their relationships, their loves...and re-write it again with my photos.  It becomes my passion and I want to do this for the rest of my life.

I've been shooting wedding for 5 years now and I just feel so lucky to witness so many beautiful moments in this world. Wedding is about the dream-come-true moment when the bride puts on her dress, the timeless moment when the groom first beholds his beautiful wife, the touching moment when the happiest father in the world proudly walking beside his daughter down the aisle , and the a lot of amazing moments when family and friends share their joy .... It's about thousands of memories.

Contact me and let's write this story together!