Tiffany + Gabe

"She's French. He's American. She is an avid iPad games player and enjoys relaxing while eating foie gras. She skis, runs (sometimes) and plays (bad) volleyball ! He loves French food (loves to eat actually) and all of her desserts except for her Christmas cookies which are so dry (not true !). He loves to play any sport ever invented" 
- - 

Tiff & Gabe live in Pittsburgh but wanted to have a fun destination for their guest, so they decided to get married in Provence, a peaceful and lovely southern region of France. 

Tiff and Gabe, I honestly feel lucky ! To have met both of you and all of such incredible people by your side. So just want to thank you guys again for letting me be a part of this w o n d e r f u l day //

Loads of love ...