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Just feel free to shoot me a message with any questions you may have, to receive a copy of my pricing guide, or even if it is just to say hello ! 

Merci beaucoup d'être arrivé jusque là ! N'hésitez pas donc à m'envoyer un message si vous avez des questions, pour avoir plus d'infos sur les tarifs, ou juste pour un petit hello  !


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Here you are ! I'm really happy and thank you so much for coming here and considering me as possible your photographer! So, whether you’re getting married, in France, Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Bali, Morocco,  or anywhere else on this wonderful earth, I’m excited to hear more about your adventure.

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Don't hesitate to drop me a couple of lines about you two, and let me know about your project (general plan, ceremonies, number of guests, specials details, activities, etc...) ! and if possible tell me what make you like my work :)
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